Join cookbook author, teacher and tour guide Rosetta Costantino on a journey through Southern Italy where you'll learn how to make and shape pasta dough by hand, properly cook fresh pasta and pair your pasta with traditional made-from-scratch sauces. Buon Appetito!

About Your Teacher

Rosetta was born and raised in Calabria – the toe of the “boot” – and learned how to make fresh pasta when she was 9. She moved to California when she was 14 and went on to have a successful career in Silicon Valley. But she never stopped making fresh pasta…

In 2004, she began teaching cooking classes that included how to make pasta by hand with only durum flour and water. Since then, she has written and published two cookbooks – My Calabria and Southern Italian Desserts – and has been a regular teacher of in-person classes at Artisan Baking Center since 2018.

What You'll Learn

Rosetta Costantino Pasta Class

Handmade pasta dough

Make pasta dough by hand using only Durum flour and water, including a green-colored version made with spinach purée. Technically "vegan" since it doesn't use eggs, this is the traditional pasta dough of Southern Italy.

Hand-shaped pasta class

Regional pasta shapes

Learn to create 10 different pasta shapes – from familiar shapes like Orecchiette and Cavatelli to lesser-known shapes like Lorighittas and Spizzulus – using your hands and a few simple household tools.

fresh-made pasta dishes

Made-from-scratch sauces

After learning how to properly cook fresh pasta, we'll prepare 4 finished dishes: Orecchiette con Broccoli di Rapa, Busiate con Pesto alla Trapanese, Cavatelli con Sugo di Salsiccia and a bonus dish called Drömesat.

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