Frequently Asked Questions

Are classes live or are they pre-recorded?

All classes were pre-recorded by a professional film crew in our state-of-the-art facility in Petaluma, CA. These skillfully crafted videos allow you to go at your own pace, flip from one part of the class to another, pause the lesson at any time, and even restart from the beginning at any point. 

How do I purchase and view a class?

To purchase a class, click one of the purchase / sign-up buttons on a class page and complete the checkout form. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a link to your class via email. Additionally, when you're logged in to the website, a My Classes link will appear in the main navigation. This link will take you to all of your purchased classes where you can view the curriculum videos for each.

When can I access a class I purchase, and how long do I have it?

You will have access to any class you purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The great news is your class will never expire, allowing you to watch and re-watch for years to come!

Can I view classes on my mobile or tablet device?

Yes! ABC Online is built on Teachable, one of the leading online class platforms. This means you can download the Teachable app (currently available for Apple devices only) or use any web browser on your mobile device or tablet to access courses on the go!

Can I watch classes I’ve purchased on my television?

It is possible to view your purchased classes on a television in 1 of 2 ways: 1) connect your desktop or laptop computer to your TV via HDMI cable; or 2) cast / mirror content on your mobile device or tablet to it via a streaming device such as Chromecast, Fire Stick, Apple TV, etc.

What do I need to take a class at home?

In addition to some basic baking tools (bowls, pans, spatula, etc) and a full-size oven (nothing special, but a toaster oven won’t due), you will need to purchase ingredients for the formulas (aka recipes) you’ll be making and possibly a few new tools, depending on how well-stocked your kitchen is. 

In order to help you achieve the best possible results, all classes includes a “Class Prep” section that will help you prepare for, and get the most out of, every class you purchase. This content includes downloadable PDF formulas with a list of ingredients and basic process steps, and a curated list of tools you might find helpful to have on-hand. Most of the recommended tools are not necessary to complete a class and some have common household substitutes. Nonetheless, they're tools that folks who bake on regular basis would consider "essential" and might be worthwhile purchases to consider if you intend to continue your baking journey.

Are recipes provided for the items we'll be making in the class?

Students are provided with Formulas, which are essentially recipes that professional bakers use. They are very similar to recipes with a couple notable differences:

  1. Formulas include columns for Baker's Percentages and Weight (in grams) for all ingredients listed. Volumetric Measurements (cups, tablespoons, etc) are also provided in case you don't have a gram scale (although we highly recommend getting one if you don't).
  2. Rather than cookbook-style instructions for the process, Formulas include simple bullet points for each step.

Since in-depth instructions are provided via the class videos, and formulas are the standard among professional bakers, we believe Formulas are a great way to elevate the knowledge and skills of the typical home baker.

I'm a beginner. Will I be able to take these classes?

In general, all class content is what we'd call "beginner-friendly;" meaning, if you have have at least some experience with basic at-home baking (making pancakes, quick breads, muffins, etc. from scratch), you should be fine.

What if I get stuck or need help?

No problem! Shoot us an email at [email protected] or leave a comment on the lesson in question. Both channels are monitored on a regular basis by a professional baker on staff here at Artisan Baking Center.

Are ABC Online Gift Certificates available?

Due to the current limitations of the Teachable platform, traditional Gift Certificates are not available.

However, you can purchase a class as a gift by heading to the Gift a Class page.

After you purchase a gift class, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique gift code. Simply forward this email to the gift recipient (when you're ready), they'll enter their gift code at checkout and the class will be theirs, free of charge!

Can I use Central Milling Gift Certificates to purchase online classes?

Unfortunately, no. Central Milling gift certificates are generated in a separate system and are only redeemable for items available at, including flour & grains, smallwares, merchandise, and in-person baking classes (at Artisan Baking Center in Petaluma, CA).

Do you offer tech support?

Due to the vast number of devices, operating systems, user-installed software, and internet service providers our subscribers use, the Artisan Baking Center provides limited assistance for technical issues. Never fear, for our educational platform Teachable offers the following troubleshooting options to help you get connected:

Is there a refund policy?

Absolutely! We want you to be happy with your purchase. If it’s within 30 days of your purchase and you’ve viewed less than 25% of the content, simply email [email protected] with "Class Refund” in the subject line and we’d be glad to provide you with a full refund.