Join World Cup of Bread Baker Mike Zakowski for a master class in how to make two loaves of amazingly flavorful bread with Whole-Grain Einkorn, the oldest cultivated wheat in the world!

About Your Teacher

Mike has been baking for about 25 years, acquiring the skills to compete, teach, and pass on the craft to others. He competed in the 2012 Coupe Du Monde de la Boulangerie (aka the World Cup of Bread) where he and his teammates won the silver cup. Mike has taught and traveled extensively in the US and Europe and specializes in baking with freshly milled whole grains.

Currently, he bakes and sells bread at various farmers markets in/around Sonoma, CA. He also teaches, consults, and books private parties with his mobile wood-fired oven.

What You'll Learn

How to work with Einkorn

Learn about important baking characteristics of this amazing ancient grain, as well as the differences between Einkorn and its more familiar counterpart: wheat.

Advanced bread-making skills

Learn about sourdough-leavened preferments,* mixing by hand, handling & shaping high-hydration doughs, and more.

Bonus Content!

Learn how to mill your own flour* (using a countertop flour mill) and how to decorate your loaves with the art of flour stenciling.

*Not required to complete the class.

*Note: An active sourdough starter is required for this class. If you don't have one, basic instructions are provided on how to create and maintain a sourdough starter.

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