Join Jen Musty for a baking class featuring three delightful twists on classic holiday flavors: Cranberry Sage Sablés, Fresh Mint Nib Ice Cream Sandwiches and a Boozy* Eggnog Cake.

About Your Teacher

Jen Musty has been mastering her craft for just about as long as she can remember. Around 2006, she started a small baking business on the side that eventually turned into Batter Bakery in San Francisco as her full-time career. The bakery has a die-hard following of customers who come for their cookies, brownies, and breakfast goodies from far & wide.

One of Jen's favorite things to do, though, is teach people this craft - whether it’s completely inexperienced employees or avid home bakers. She's even done a holiday cookie competition on the Food Network, which she thought was highly entertaining!

What You'll Learn

Three new holiday recipes

From Thanksgiving-friendly Cranberry Sage Sablés, to wintery Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches and a Boozy* Eggnog Cake that's perfect for any end-of-year celebration.

Pro baking skills

The skills you'll learn in this class go well beyond a simple recipe video, from no-churn ice cream making and cake decorating, to achieving buttercream perfection.

Bonus content!

Enjoy two bonus videos with your class purchase: 1) Extend Your Holidays (Recipe Variations); and 2) What is Eggnog anyways? Let's make some!

*Note: Booze is not required to make this cake. If you'd like to make an alcohol-free version, Jen covers how to do this during the class.

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