Join German Master Baker Pablo Puluke Giet to learn how to make two delicious, rye-based German breads – a Holstein Vollkornbrot from the North and a Bavarian Hausbrot from the South.

About Your Teacher

Pablo is a certified German Master Baker and regular teacher of in-person classes at the Artisan Baking Center in Petaluma, CA. He is the owner and founder of Von Pablo, a baking and catering operation based in Truckee, CA where he also lives full time.

Pablo specializes in naturally leavened baked goods, wood-fired sauerdough pizzas, fresh milling and whole-grain baking.

What You'll Learn

How to bake with Rye

Learn about important baking characteristics of Rye as well as the differences between it and it's more familiar counterpart: wheat.

Work with prefermented dough

Both formulas feature a portion of dough that has been prefermented with sourdough.*

Advanced bread-making skills

Learn how to mix by hand, handle & shape high-hydration doughs, and coax amazing flavor and texture out of whole-grain breads.

*Note: An active sourdough starter is required for this class. If you don't have one, basic instructions are provided on how to create and maintain a sourdough starter.

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